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  1. Toronto
    Warm greetings GTAA community, Small home business in the Eglinton and Yonge area requires aquarium maintenance support. General experience and knowledge of maintaining aquarium systems is required (Hobbyist are welcomed). Must love fish and all things ocean. Main duties Include: Assist in...
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    Pair of Clowns - best offer! I am looking for a good home for these guys. I will not split up the clowns as they have been together since birth-female and male. Pair of Clowns - Best Offer Watchman Goby - 30-SOLD Pickup Bathurst/Steeles are. PM me for info
  3. Saltwater Livestock
    I have an orange watchman goby for sale It used to be in my 120 gallon system but when I took it down I moved him to my 20 gallon nano. There is not enough space and hiding spots for it now. This is a sand sifting goby and they are great for cleaning and aerating the sand bed. I would not...
  4. Saltwater Livestock
    Please see attached images. Prices indicated in the image. If you don't like the price, send me an offer. I'll most likely let it go to the highest bidder in a week. damsels (yellow tail x 3, striped): $10/ea, or all for $25 flame angel about 3.5": $65 (been in mixed reef tank for 6m) yellow...
  5. Sold / Expired
    Hey everyone I have the following for sale Jbj biocube with pump,lid $80.00ea Fluval e100 heater $10.00 ea Biocude 29 gallon pump uv sterl,protein skimmer. No light $100.00ea Led light $10.00ea Pick up only Email at [email protected]
  6. Sold / Expired
    Very healthy 10" Blue Tang. Has been in my tank for over two years. Guaranteed to be disease free, eats flakes, pellets and frozen meaty foods. $65 Firm
  7. Sold / Expired
    Hey folks, I'm selling my PICASSO CLARKII CLOWNFISH. Reason for selling: It's partner passed a way a few months ago and now it's started to get territorial and not get along with my bangaii cardinal fish which I'm hoping to breed. History: Purchased 1 pair from a hobbyist late last year both...
  8. Sold / Expired
    5 true schooling fish. Kuhlia Mugil Barred Flagtail Grunt (Marine Scissortail) approx 1.5" - 2" in length. Caught and waiting for a new home in my refugium. Very healthy and hardy and eats practically anything. Paid $12/each. Asking $6/each for quick sale. Delivery may be available depending on...
  9. Sold / Expired
    Hi Folks, I need room in my 16 gallon and I've more codium than I need for what I want to do with the tank. So, I've got a few portions for sale! From my sale thread at the begining of the year: I have for sale a very versatile, easy to grow Macro algae. Codium edule. I like to think of it as...
  10. General Marine Discussion
    My new tang developed white spots on it's sides and keep rubbing itself agaisnt the rocks. Looks like marine ich, I'm gonna give it medication this weekend. Can anyone suggest a good brand name to use? there's a lot out there
1-10 of 12 Results