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  1. Plants & Cultivation
    Can anyone check and confirm what moss it is ? Giant Weeping Moss ?
  2. Freshwater Plants
    Looking to rescape soon so selling some stuff in here.. Mini Pelia Around $10 per portion Subwassertang $10 per portion Trident Java Fern $25 Buce Mini Coin (large clump under java fern) $40 Anubias Nana Petite $10 per portion Blyxa $10 Hygrophila pinnatifida $10 per portion Rotala...
  3. Planted Tank Photos
    25g Cube - Planted Tank Journal First ever journal in this hobby after having a number of tanks. I try my best to run a high tech setup and it will be fun to finally document a tank from start to finish. In this scape I'm using black lava rock, manzanita wood for hardscape, la plata sand and...
  4. Freshwater Plants
    Hey everyone, just rescaped the tank so i'm left with lots of extra plants. Generous portions for a great price. I can combine portions if needed. Pickup is recommended @ 403 & Erin Mills. Plant List: Monte Carlo x 4 portions $5each Needle Leaf Java Fern x 4 portions $20-10each Trident...
  5. Freshwater Plants
    Have the following for sale: Need leaf fern and bolbitis heudelotii attached to maple leaf rock (both are big plants together covers half of a 15 gal tank) - $25 Tennis ball size Taiwan moss - $7 each (have 2 counts) Tennis ball size Peacock moss - $7 each (have 1 counts) Tennis ball size Spiky...
  6. Hardware and Dry Goods
    5-gallon tank fully stocked with over 120 healthy Snowball shrimp + plants; tank in excellent condition (guaranteed 'pest' snail free). $120 - Over 120 Snowball shrimp bought at Shrimp Fever. Very healthy and continue breeding.
  7. Freshwater Livestock
    I'Im looking to buy some Cherry Reds in Mississauga doesn't have to be super red just mostly red ha. I was also looking for some Java Moss or another easy low tech moss.
  8. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Looking for some bonsai driftwood or driftwood that looks like an actual tree trunk. Using it for a moss tree like the one below.
  9. Hardware and Dry Goods
    sold! sold. please remove it.
  10. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hello Everyone, I have some good quality shrimp nets. $10 / each. Pick up location: hwy 7 and Leslie.
  11. Freshwater Plants
    I have Java and I believe Christmas moss for sale. I took a bunch out of my main tank because frankly it was overgrown. I have probably a zip lock freezer bag's worth. $10.00 takes the bunch
  12. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Mosses Plants (Rare) You can tie any mosses into the steel mesh and make an aquarium carpet. sold! Please text me if you are interested. We can meet up in HWY 7/Leslie or Warden Ave/Steeles Ave during weekdays. Dufferin/Wilson ave during weekends. Pick up...
  13. Sold / Expired
    This Java moss is well established on this driftwood, it is healthy and green, and the driftwood has little to no tannins anymore. It is malaysian driftwood, both pieces stand upright without any propping, and they are both 12". The one piece also has an anubias on it. 2 of those leaves are...
  14. Freshwater Plants
    JAVA MOSS I have some really nice quality Java Moss, its by far the best I've had and grows fast, nice bright green and healthy, pest free. $10 for 1 cup (loose, not packed tight) $22 for tennis ball size (packed tight ball) $2.50 to ship through Canada Post lettermail $9 to ship 1-2 day...
  15. Freshwater Plants
    I have the following package for sale 4 Marimo moss balls (The smallest is 3cm and the biggest is 5cm) 1 golf ball size Erect moss (Vesicularia reticulata) 1 3X2" flame moss (Taxiphyllum Sp) 5-6 stems of Staurogyne repens 5-10 stems HM Updated: Will add in 1 Asplenium Normale (Earlier called...
  16. Freshwater Plants
    have 2 Erect moss for sale each of a golf ball size. $5 a bunch, PM if interested. I will give one stem pogostemon stellatus free with each.
  17. Sold / Expired
    I want to make moss wall, I need enough to cover a 30" x at least 36"... Preferably the kinds you can't kill for mod to low light application; running 2 fluorescent lamps @ 30" deep. Anyone has a giant load for a fair price, PM me!
  18. Sold / Expired
    I'm doing another group buy from Ebi-Ken. The shipping is usually $20 for each person. Shrimp SSS CRS 10 for $120 Mischling (phenotype CBS) $10 each or 12 for $100 Hybrid Tibee low grades (more tigerish looking) $7 each Hybrid Tibee (higher black coverage) $9 each Hybrid Tibee (with white...
  19. Sold / Expired
    Bolbitis Heudelotti - $5 Lace Fern - $3 Java Fern - $3 Fine leaf Fern (Ceratopteris siliquosa) - $4 Anubias nana - $5 Big Moss Ball - $5 Dwarf Sag - $3 Plants are in excellent condition. Need to sell fast. Moving. Minimum order of $10. All portions are the same as in the fish store or even...
  20. Sold / Expired
    Recently added some emerald eye's to my 20Gal shrimp tank and I need some java moss for cover. Can pick up in york region. Thanks:D
1-20 of 40 Results