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    My 48" quad-light (216W) Odyssea lighting kit just arrived today and so far, I'm quite pleased with it. I bought this as an upgrade to my 34 Watt stock T8 lighting system that came with my 60 gallon aquarium. I want to grow live plants and I know 34 Watts for my 60 gallon wouldn't suffice...
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  3. Equipment
    Hi guys! Do you know around Toronto if I can find Odyssea LEDs like these? 3 out of 4 leds are not working anymore. I got the fixture from Aquatraders, and they have 4pk for 12$, but the shipping is expensive.
  4. Sold / Expired
    Hello, I am looking to buy some new or used 24" Odyssea T5HO Lights, either the DUAL or QUAD bulb units. (not the Triple bulb units). I'll probably offer $40 for a 24" Double and $60 for a Quad. I also have items/plants to trade. I'm located in Burlington.