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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    PAR38 LED bulb for sale. I bought it about a year ago at a fish store in Mississauga. Used it for about 6 months on a nano reef, which I have now taken down:( Beautiful light that successfully grew soft corals and anemones. The bulb's lifespan is thousands of hours so it has a lot of use left...
  2. Equipment
    Hey all, I recently removed the hood from my Biocube and added two PAR38 full spectrum bulbs. I love the colour and my corals seems to be adjusting well, but I miss the blue LEDs that my biocube hood had for night viewing. Since a lot of you have been experimenting with PAR38 fixtures and...
  3. General Marketplace Discussion
    100% FREE, Custom, Par38 Reef Light, Last page for detials. Light type: Par-38 Color Output: Full Spectrum (2)420nm, (6)455nm, (1)495nm, (1)660nm, (2)4500k Weight: 1.12 lbs Total Leds: 12 Lamp Housing: Black Socket Type: Standerd Sockets Voltage: AC 100- 265V Current: 450Ma Total Watts: 24w...
1-3 of 5 Results