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  1. Sold / Expired
    I'm in the research phase of possibly buying a pea puffer for my 8 gallon tank. Is there anyone on the forum who keeps them that I could learn more from? Are there any hobbyists selling them here in the GTA, or a particular store I should visit? Your input is appreciated. :)
  2. Sold / Expired
    getting rid of my livebearer tank and some other fish i have $10 obo - guppies 3m/3f and platys m/f(never bothered to look lol) they are breeding like crazy and not looking back! whatever fry i can catch will be included. this package contains about 20 fish $6 obo - 2 Med-Lrg blue gouramis...
  3. Toms Fish Inc.
    Got at least 3 maybe 1 or 2 more. $2.50 each. Well fed and in great shape. Pickup at Kennedy/401 or McCowan/16th. I will try to get a pic soon.
1-3 of 3 Results