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  1. Freshwater Livestock
    selling few of my assasin snails which have been breeding a lot in my tank. 1 snail = 3$ all 5 = 12$ Pick up is in North York, Lawerence and Keele. Open to trade for some low light stem plants like bacopa, brazilian pennywort or others.
  2. Invertebrates
    Hey everyone, So I have a dilemma and I am hoping you guys can help me out. I purchased a "Mystery Snail" from Petco and it is the size of a golf ball. I read online that they eat dead plant leaves, so I thought why not. Lo and behold, it turns out that it's an apple snail or pond snail, and it...
  3. Planted Tank Photos
    This is my first aquarium setup with one of those gimmicky 3d backgrounds, and I'm surprised how natural it ended up looking in the aquarium as opposed to it's appearance out of the packaging... Allowing some moss and algae to grow on it has helped the cause as well... I will definitely use...
  4. Sold / Expired
    Selling 24" Finnex Fugeray $80 DM if interested, willing to meet up in Scarborough. My fish tank is 19" wide, but the Finnex brackets are adjustable, this is what it looks like over my 15 gallon rimless tank. These are the specs:
  5. Planted Tank Photos
    I randomly saw this growing in my tank. My guess is that my red tiger lotus is flowering. I'm not a 100% sure. What do you guys think?
  6. Sold / Expired
    30 Gallon tank with matching stand 3 X Coralife T5 dual Light Fixtures + Timer...
  7. Sold / Expired
    Hi Folks, I need room in my 16 gallon and I've more codium than I need for what I want to do with the tank. So, I've got a few portions for sale! From my sale thread at the begining of the year: I have for sale a very versatile, easy to grow Macro algae. Codium edule. I like to think of it as...
  8. Sold / Expired
    Hey I have a 20 oz CO2 tank up for sale. This tank is great for the DIY paintball CO2 setup. The price is $25 or trade for some low grade bee shrimps.
1-8 of 8 Results