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  1. For Sale Val

    Buy, Sell & Trade
    Vallisneria Plants $5 for three clusters
    $5 CAD
  2. Plants & Cultivation
    Was looking for affordable aquarium plants to buy online. Came across aquatic plant man. I'm kind of skeptical, and want to make sure people have actually bought from there. Any help is appreciated :)
  3. Ajax
    Located in the Ajax region, selling lots of plants like Java Ferns, Anubias, Vallisneria, Pearl Weed, Rotala and all sorts of stuff. Prices start at just $2.00! Shrimp - Fire Red Cherry Shrimp / AA Sakura, selling for $1.00 - $5.00 a piece.
  4. Introductions & Greetings
    Selling my 48x18x24 planted setup, comes with everything pictured including stand, eheim canister, nicrew led, background, all plants, substrate and fish(tetras, clown Loaches, corys, bristlenose Plecos and fry) lots of stuff here. Asking $750 send me a PM if you have further questions. Cheers!
  5. Freshwater Plants
    i have a 5 gallon bucket full of rotala rotundifolia trimmings take it all for $40 bring your own bucket located in Mississauga text 519-589-9518
  6. Freshwater Plants
    Hi all, looking to purchase some affordable low tech plants, swords, anubias, ferns etc. Around Toronto area. You can email me what you have at [email protected] Thanks and have a great one.
  7. Equipment
    I have these Prazi, Leva and Metro in 99.9% pure powder form from a very well known distributor in the US that deals in aquatic animals only. I ordered some and have about 100g left of each. It was costly to get but willing to sell some at cost 50g Metro $70 30g Levamisole $50 100g Prazi $70...
  8. Plants & Cultivation
    Hello all, I think I'm the only person on the planet that can't seem to keep Jungle Val alive in my tank. From everything I read about this plant on this forum it grows like weeds for people and it doesn't seem to matter whether they have high tech or low tech setups. LOL My tank setup is a...
  9. Freshwater Plants
    SOLD plants Close ad - Plants all gone.
  10. Planted Tank Photos
    25g Cube - Planted Tank Journal First ever journal in this hobby after having a number of tanks. I try my best to run a high tech setup and it will be fun to finally document a tank from start to finish. In this scape I'm using black lava rock, manzanita wood for hardscape, la plata sand and...
  11. Freshwater Plants
    Hey everyone, just rescaped the tank so i'm left with lots of extra plants. Generous portions for a great price. I can combine portions if needed. Pickup is recommended @ 403 & Erin Mills. Plant List: Monte Carlo x 4 portions $5each Needle Leaf Java Fern x 4 portions $20-10each Trident...
  12. Freshwater Plants
    Have the following for sale: Need leaf fern and bolbitis heudelotii attached to maple leaf rock (both are big plants together covers half of a 15 gal tank) - $25 Tennis ball size Taiwan moss - $7 each (have 2 counts) Tennis ball size Peacock moss - $7 each (have 1 counts) Tennis ball size Spiky...
  13. Hardware and Dry Goods
    5-gallon tank fully stocked with over 120 healthy Snowball shrimp + plants; tank in excellent condition (guaranteed 'pest' snail free). $120 - Over 120 Snowball shrimp bought at Shrimp Fever. Very healthy and continue breeding.
  14. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Old FireAqua Rimless 30g Cube - Free - Not a display tank - Has many scratches+hard water deposits - Cant really see all the scratches in picture Brand New Bazooka CO2 Atomizer 55mm - $20 - Used once to test it AquaticLife 20 Inch 2x18 Watt T5 HO - $20 - Pretty old but still works...
  15. Freshwater Plants
    25+ cuttings First come first serve for pick up
  16. Plants & Cultivation
    I got a bunch of new plants from BigAl's and my water turned cloudy... I haven't made any changes to my tank in a long while - so, perhaps this is a simple problem? Should I post this in the beginners section?
  17. Freshwater Livestock
    Small marble-sized mystery snails for sale. Magenta and Ivory available. $2 each, 3/$5 Pick up Hwy #27/King Road Nobleton
1-19 of 125 Results