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  1. Ponds
    Hello all, Step by step I'm getting this pond of mine setup. I think I have the pump and filtration sorted out now I'm onto the electrical. Unfortunately I don't have a direct electrical connection from the house to the pond. I have about 10' of yard in between. I have some PVC pipe that I...
  2. Ponds
    Hello folks, Well I'm finally get around to getting my pond put in (it's a preformed plastic liner type). I'm at the point of adding my pump and filter. I bought a used Little Giant stream and waterfall pump from a guy for a good price. He was using lava rock for his filter. The lava rock is...
  3. Ponds
    *We are seeking an individual who has a passion for ponds and some knowledge about koi, water chemistry and Associated Pond products. Being good with your hands and tools is a must You must be a fast learner to excel in this position Tasks include: Driving to various locations throughout the...
  4. Freshwater Plants
    I have some healthy water lettuce to sell. The larger ones i am asking $5 and for the small/medium just $3. You can pick the ones u like and want a minimum purchase of $10. These plants not only give the fish hiding area but also help reduce Phosphate problems. I am in Markham closer to HWY48...
  5. Ponds
    Hello all, I'm looking for guidance on how I can do a waterfall between two plastic ponds that I plan to tier. These ponds are meant to be sunk into the ground but I'm going to only partially sink the larger one (which is about 5' wide) and fully raise the smaller one (which is about 2-1/2'...
  6. Sold / Expired
    I have 3 Shubunkin Goldfish. One is Black, Two are Blue. They were born Early August to two of my three Shubunkin Adults unexpectedly. Approx 6", very healthy, eat (Saki-Hikari, North Fin & Omega) I'm looking to re-home them, I'm more concerned they go to someone who knows what they are doing...
  7. General Marketplace Discussion
    MAX-FLO models Original Sale MAX-FLO 600GPH 159.99 135.00 MAX-FLO 960GPH 229.99 194.00 MAX-FLO 1350GPH 289.99 246.00 MAX-FLO 2000GPH 339.99 289.00 MAX-FLO 2400GPH 359.99 306.00 MAX-FLO 2900GPH 399.99 340.00 MAX-FLO 4280GPH 459.99 391.00 Limited Time Offer. While Quantities last. Other...
  8. Freshwater Photos
    They are doing great in this year
  9. Freshwater Livestock
    High quality japanese koi for sale Here is one of the youtube link: For more information, please visit
  10. Sold / Expired
    I have a number of koi varieties for sale right here in the east end of the city. They are from Japan, so they are NOT bloodline, they are direct offspring of koi bred in Japan. (in fact they came in from Japan three weeks ago) Anyone interested? Rob
  11. Equipment
    I've been Googling for hours, and can't seem to find what will fit my needs. I'm looking for a complete pond filtration system (for my turtles). At first I thought I'd go with a DIY skippy filter but I'm struggling with a tight schedule, so that doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm...
  12. Freshwater Photos
    Here is the link: New Arrival!! (New! Sept 12)
  13. Sold / Expired
    hello! I bought 3 baby koi thinking that they were gold fish, being very naive. 2 of them died off a month later, and one of them survived and is still trucking after almost 8 months. But now we realize it's a koi, and know that it'll suffer in the small fish tank. It's around 3 inches long...
1-13 of 14 Results