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  1. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Looking for some purigen, enough for 2x 200 gallon tank (one for current use and one back up while recharging). I know I can get 500mL or 1L at big als but just wanted to know if there are cheaper alternatives. thanks :)
  2. Fish and Coral
    Hey all, Just got back from a 5-day Christmas vacation and found all of my acans dissolved. Before I left I had renewed my purigen following their instructions (very closely!) on the packaging. I had noticed an initial mild decline in my acans and leathers soon after replacing the purigen in...
  3. Sold / Expired
    SOLD PPU: FS: 2L Container of Seachem Purigen This is now PPU. HI folks, I have for sale a full Container 2L of Seachem Purigen, I never got around to using it and at this point i don't think i will. The cheapest i have seen this product at any Retailer/Online retailer is about $50.00 for 1...
1-3 of 3 Results