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  1. Store Profiles & Reviews
    Proaquatic 585 Middlefield Road, Unit 12A Toronto, ON M1V 4Y5 Tel: 647-728-1296 Email : [email protected] Have you been by recently? How was your visit? Let us know!
  2. Equipment
    My 48" quad-light (216W) Odyssea lighting kit just arrived today and so far, I'm quite pleased with it. I bought this as an upgrade to my 34 Watt stock T8 lighting system that came with my 60 gallon aquarium. I want to grow live plants and I know 34 Watts for my 60 gallon wouldn't suffice...
  3. Store Profiles & Reviews
    East West Marine #28-9100 Jane Street Concord, On. L4K 0A4 905-738-2005 Have you been by lately? What was your experience? :)
1-3 of 3 Results