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  1. Saltwater Livestock
    for more info please visit:
  2. Hardware and Dry Goods
    A little noisy sometimes but in very good condition otherwise. Asking $40 or best offer.
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Used Coralife Biocube 16g available for sale. Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater setups. The setup comes with stand, return pump as well as aftermarket marine led light which was purchased about 3 months ago. The tank and stand are in good condition. If you want, I can throw in some...
  4. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hey guys, as title says I'm looking for a CO2 Scrubber preferably with the media bag as well. Please PM if you have one laying around. Thanks
  5. Hardware and Dry Goods
    For sale is a 1/2" acrylic tank used for SW but can also be used for FW selling for $250 obo Drilled with 2 1.5" internal overflow boxes. measurements are 72"w x 24"h x 32"d used for years, no leaks, needs a good vinegar bath to get remove the dried coraline. Renovating the basement and am...
  6. Hardware and Dry Goods
    After 15 years reefing with 4th reef tank time to move on just dont have the time, as kids and family took over. 250gallon 96 x 24 x 24 display tank drilled on the bottom with 2 overflow on each conner) Starphire 3 sides Starphire Eurobracing Custom Wood Stand Loacted in witby Feel free to...
  7. Hardware and Dry Goods
    250 gallon marineland saltwater deep dimension all for $2500 Dimensions of aquarium: 60-1/4 x 36 x 27-1/4 inches Bought this new from Marineland and it's been running perfectly for the last 2 years. No...
  8. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking to add a few more fish to my tank. Interested in all tangs, ideally 4"+. No powder family please. Text me for quickest response. 905-806-7841
  9. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Downsizing my aquariums and equipment. Will update ad as tanks / equipment become available. Everything in great condition unless otherwise stated. Pick-up near King St. and Strachan in Toronto. * Brand new Aqua UV sterilizer (Advantage 2000+ line from Aqua UV; 15 Watt, rated for up to 500...
  10. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking for a decently priced Copperband Butterfly, which is eating at least frozen but aiptasia as well. Please let me know what you got and for how much or if you seen and know of someone or somewhere. Thanks, Jon
  11. Saltwater Livestock
    All live stock sold please close.
  12. Saltwater Livestock
    !!!....$50....!!! Size: 2 inches Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Reef Safe: Yes Diet: Pellet, Flake, brine shrimp Origin: Hawaii Sellign my 4 line Wrasse. Hes lived in a mixed reef for a year and a half and has been a model citizen with other fish, corals and inverts. Fat and healthy...
  13. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hi everyone, new member here again. Getting back into the hobby again. I'm looking for about 100 gallon saltwater system for fish and coral and reef. Would prefer complete system but not looking for to old. Let me know what you have for sale and hopefully we can work out a deal. Please send...
  14. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have 2 AI HYDRA 52 HD for sale. The pair is $1400 or $800 each. Paid over $2000. They are only 3 months old. Can be controlled over phone or laptop. This is the new ones HD (Hyper Drive) 7 colour settings including UV. selling because i have vertex on my tank and was going to setup...
  15. Saltwater Livestock
    NOTE: Also selling the Tank, Stand, Light, Skimmer, Pump and Sump as a package for $1800 It's sad to let go of my corals but I have to sell most of them as we are moving next week. Will only keep a few to bring with us and put in our new set up. Corals for Sale: -Green Branching Hammer...
  16. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi there I am looking to acquire 2 skunk cleaner shrimp and 2 pepper mint shrimp (aiptesia eating type) for a decent price. If you have a or know anywhere I can get them for a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks, Jon
  17. Saltwater Livestock
    I'm giving away a small and healthy mono argentus saltwater fish. Recently, the other fish have started chasing him so he has a few nips on the fins that will heal up. He's free but I'm running out of dry fish food for my clown fish so if you have some to give me in return that would save me a...
  18. Saltwater Livestock
    17-20LBS of premium Live rock $40 OBO
1-18 of 107 Results