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  1. Saltwater Livestock
    $25 Orange+Yellow Acan / 9 Heads / Bought from Canada Corals Blue+Red Acan / 7ish Heads / Bought from Canada Corals Green Acan / 2ish Heads / Bought from Aquatic Kingdom GSP / 2"x1" patch / Bought from local
  2. General Marine Discussion
    Hey guys, was just wondering whats up with my purple cap. I don't see any nudi's and everything else in the tank is doing good. This is the only spot where its receding and everywhere else its growing. Been doing this slowly for a couple weeks. Tank parameters seem stable to me. The problem is...
  3. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Switching to saltwater, in the early stages of setting up a 90 gallon drilled tank. Wanted; -Sump - GOT IT NOW -Skimmer - GOT IT -Circulation Pumps - GOT IT NOW -Lights (LED ONLY) - GOT IT -Testing Equipment - GOT IT -Chemicals Feel free to PM me, Joel
  4. General Marine Discussion
    Hey guys, Its been awhile since I was active on this, etc. So to bring you up to speed. I have been doing Cichlids for the last few years starting from a 50G tank and now a 72G. Got the hang of it, successfully sold fry, successfully got plants and cichlids happening in the same...
  5. Hardware and Dry Goods
    30" Coralife Saltwater Light fixture Excellent Condition 3 Years old Replaced ballasts last year 2x 65 Watts compact fluorescent 1x Antinic Blue 460nm 1x Full Spectrum 10K 2x 5W Blue LED separate switches for main lights and moonlights Blubs replaced end of February 2014 stopped using fixture...
  6. Toms Fish Inc.
    The following available on special order will require at least one box, mixed and match, wholesale welcome. PM for details. Most are tank raised and aquacultured. Scientific name Common name Premnas biaculeatus Maroon Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion...
  7. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have white reef sand and crushed coral for trade. Can be used for freshwater cichlids or marine aquariums. I'm looking to trade for live rock
  8. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have a used pair of WEIPRO 250 WATT metal halide ballasts (only) 1st unit controls a 250 watt halide 2nd unit controls a 250 watt halide and a plug for LEDs As I don't want these laying around any further I have dropped the price to free! First come first serve
  9. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Saltwater Equipment For Sale *Price Reduction* Cleaning out the basement need this stuff gone; Sunlight Supply 24" T5 Tek Light (2 ATI Blue plus, 1 ATI Aqua Blue Special, 1 Fiji Purple) & Extra Aqua blue special. $80 OBO 24L x 12W x 20H fish tank. $20 OBO SOLD Rena 50 air pump. $5 Jager...
  10. Saltwater Livestock
    Currently sold PPU. Hey all, I have two green chromis fish that I would like to adopt out. They were in my main display for about 1 year, but have recently become timid due to a slightly aggressive gramma and they stopped eating for a while. I moved them to my sump about two weeks ago and...
  11. General Marine Discussion
    This is my journal of my first ever saltwater tank. Still in the business of collecting all the essentials but will update on my progress as I buy things while avoiding my visa payments. This tank will sit on top of a dresser right beside its twin tank which is my previous planted tank with the...
  12. Saltwater Livestock
    I have 2 pcs of Frogspawn that I'm willing to sell or trade for other corals 2 heads - $20.00 5 heads - $50.00 Pic is the 2 head piece I'm located near Tottenham which is approx 20 min north of Bolton Let me know if interested
  13. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have a "medium" Aquaripure fileter for sale (rated for tanks 55 - 130 gallons) Excellent for controlling Nitrates. I have this still on my tank so that bacteria in it is still active Can arrange to bring it to Mississauga (work) or you can grab near Tottenham (home) Official write up is as...
  14. Hardware and Dry Goods
  15. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I have 48" X 18" wooden stand, its able to hold up to 90g tank, its located in Richmond hill asking for $50 willing to trade for fish or coral
  16. Hardware and Dry Goods
  17. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Selling my 29g biocube with black stand. Cube is rimless but does have a cover for it if you choose to use it. Comes with an LED light. Return pump is a maxijet 1200. Has the hydro flow rotator and a 425gph powerhead. Has live rock in the tank plus small pieces in the refugium compartment. Has...
  18. Hardware and Dry Goods
    If anyone has a Biocube 14 stand that they are willing to sell me it would be greatly appreciated. Please reply/pm if you have one and we will discuss from there. :)
  19. Sold / Expired
    I have about 200 pounds for sale. been out of water for over a year. $3.00 per pound under 50 pounds, and we can work a deal over 50 pounds. can deliver in niagara and gta for extra. located in burlington. if you come here, you can pick and choose as you want. sorry not doing holds, too many no...
  20. Sold / Expired
    76" long x 18" wide x 14" tall This is a package deal so you must take all of them. There are 5 of them. These are from one of the old Pet Etc stores. They have dividers in them and some of them are divided in to 4 sections and some of them into 8. sections. Some of them have some cracks but...
41-60 of 108 Results