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  1. Introductions & Greetings
    Used to be top discus guy in Canada. Decided to start with monster fish ... I'm really good with filtration.. talked about it at shows .. right now have 14kgold face arrowana (26 inches) 2 calbari bass (15 inch) gold clown knife (14 inch) 2 black diamond Ray's (16 inch) They are spread out in 3...
  2. Hardware and Dry Goods
    Hi, I would like a square tank ideally 4ft wide x 4ft deep for stingrays. If anyone made a similar tank please share some details! Im not sure where to start.
  3. Toms Fish Inc.
    Consolidated Brazil list for March and April. Preorders welcome. Again to gauge interests first before my final order is placed likely end of April or early May. Corys Corydoras condiscipulus Condiscipulus cory Corydoras julii Julli Cory Corydoras julii Julli Cory Corydoras oiapoquensis...
  4. Toms Fish Inc.
    Have a few brand new still in wrapping books. They are all in Chinese with the exception of 1 Flowerhorn book in both Chinese and English. Prices are listed below, can work out a better price if multiple books are purchased at once! Arowana World 5 (Hardcover) $80 Black Stingrays special...
  5. Sold / Expired
    I am downsizing and selling my mature male and female marble motor o stingrays. I bought them both as pups and have had then for two years- beautiful markings- female is around 22 inches in diameter male is around 15 inches in diameter- selling them both together for 400 dollars. Don't want to...
1-5 of 5 Results