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  1. Store Profiles & Reviews
    Proaquatic 585 Middlefield Road, Unit 12A Toronto, ON M1V 4Y5 Tel: 647-728-1296 Email : [email protected] Have you been by recently? How was your visit? Let us know!
  2. Hardware and Dry Goods
    I was just wondering if anyone knows where to get almond leaf in Mississauga. I don't drive and I'm around dundas and Winston Churchill so looking close by there. Thanks all
  3. Equipment
    Hello, we are thinking of going shopping for Lights for our tank, LED or T5 HO, but we don't know many places, hoping the nice people in this forum would give us some info on where to buy, I wanted to see large collection before looking into ebay or online, we would like to see all kinds...
  4. Store Profiles & Reviews Have you ordered from this website before? How was your experience? :)
  5. General Freshwater Discussion
    Good day and Merry Christmas! Please chime in with opinions on this one when you get a second. I was in a local chain pet store where an obvious newbie was asking some questions of the fish "expert" about aquatic plants. The answers the "expert" was giving were atrocious-- and I quote "there...
  6. Store Profiles & Reviews
    KIMS NATURE 10011 Hwy 48 Markham, ON Located on the corner of Major Mackenzie Dr and Hwy 48 (905) 201-6166 Its a nursery that also has a big selection of freshwater fish, turtles, shrimp, snails, frog, aquatic plants, many varieties of moss and some beautiful pieces of...
  7. General Marketplace Discussion
    Hi everyone, last week, a close friend, and former colleague of mine began construction on what will be one of the best marine hobbyist stores in the GTA. I have been lurking around during the stores construction and have taken a few pictures to share with you guys. The guys working here have...
  8. Store Profiles & Reviews
    Michael's Pet Depot 10520 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3C7 Canada Tel: 289-475-5315 Fax: 289-475-5316 Email: [email protected] Have you been by recently? How was your visit? Please be as detailed as possible. :)
  9. Store Profiles & Reviews
    East West Marine #28-9100 Jane Street Concord, On. L4K 0A4 905-738-2005 Have you been by lately? What was your experience? :)
1-9 of 9 Results