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  1. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi, Trying to either trade my sohal tang (5 inches and healthy) for a large copperband that is eating frozen or to someone local that can pick up in a day or 2. Pm if you’d like to do the trade or would like to buy him. can share pics and videos through text.
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking to add a few more fish to my tank. Interested in all tangs, ideally 4"+. No powder family please. Text me for quickest response. 905-806-7841
  3. Saltwater Livestock
    ~3.5" Clown Tang (Medium) Had him for almost a year Nice color, Fat Very Active Swimmer and Eats Like a Champ! Eats Mysis, Seaweed, Algae, Pellets ***Bullies new fish Needs a lot of swimming room as he is a very active fish Asking $60 or trade for anthias/sps/lps corals Tags: Saltwater...
  4. Saltwater Livestock
    Need to rehome my Purple Tang 4.5 inches Fat and eating well but has HLLE( I got him with this) I want him to go to a better home $160
  5. Saltwater Livestock
    Hey all decided to take down my 300gal display. Hoping to sell off the tangs first. All tangs are in great shape, no problems with ich while I owned them. Available most week days after 4pm or weekends. More photos available upon request. Pricing is as follows and is firm (well below market...
  6. Saltwater Livestock
    yellowfin tang for sale, it's about 11" long, so almost a foot $150 if anybody has a big tank and is interested let me know. really nice fish, reef safe.
  7. Sold / Expired
    Happy New Year everyone! :) I have a brown tang, healthy and a pig at feeding time. He is too aggressive for my tank and was hoping someone could give him a good home and put him in his place. lol I'm leaving to Banff on Wed. so if I can't get this fish a new home I think he will be going...
  8. Saltwater Livestock
    im selling both my yellow fin tang and emperor angel, the tang was posted a week ago but i've decided to sell the emperor as well. i've downsized and there is no chance of there being enough space for either of them yellow fin tang is a bit over 12", super rare emperor angelfish is around...
  9. Saltwater Livestock
    Interested in selling my yellow fin tang (Acanthurus xanthopterus) he's about 12-13 inches, so just over a foot long these guys are pretty rare and he's got some awesome coloration, pics dont really do it justice. one of my favorite fish but it's starting to get too big for the tank, so if...
  10. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for an Achilles Tang and would love to pick one up from a member that wants to see him go to a good home. My System: -150 gallon, six foot long tank -mixed reef -fully computer controlled, temp constant 78 degrees -six months old -water tested twice weekly, all...
  11. Saltwater Livestock
    various fish price drops, 1 is a Convict Tang Had him 2&1/2 years needs good home!! I have a beautiful Convict tang for sale I bought him 2 &1/2 years ago at Big als Whitby and he has been fed Julian sprung's Seaweed soaked in Garlic on a Dailey basis since then, and Frozen PE Mysis every other...
  12. Saltwater Livestock
    Hello i'm interested in selling my 11-12" yellowfin tang (acanthurus xanthopterus) The fish is captive raised and has been in my care since it was only a few inches long. It is now approximately a foot long originally the fish was purchased as a bariene tang, however (luckily for me) the...
  13. Saltwater Livestock
    Looking for a small purple tang 2-3 inches for my tank let me know if you have one for sale Thanks Dimitri
  14. General Marketplace Discussion
    For those that are interested in Tangs.....SUM (Sea U Marine) had a pretty impressive collection of Purple Tangs and Blue Tangs. TONS. All different sizes. As an added bonus. I just checked SUM's weekend specials. Medium Blue Tangs are $29.99. Pretty large sized Yasha Haze gobies $25.99
  15. General Marine Discussion
    Hi Forum. I have a 4ft - 90gallon tank with about 100lbs of live rocks + 35g sump. I have the following livestock so far and would like to add a yellow tang as my last fish: 3 bangaii cardinals 3 firefish 2 clowns how hard is it to keep them? Are they as delicate (very prone to ich) as...