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  1. Saltwater Livestock
    As the title says, looking for a red goniopora and either a gold or purple torch coral. Colonies or frags welcome! Thanks!
  2. General Marketplace Discussion
    Not to be outdone with the most recent wave of Australian Corals; Jay has asked me to share some of Reef Raft's most recent Eye Candy.....worthy of the the Reef Raft moniker. :D Stunning Scolymia, Acans, Torches, and Favias. I'm just the messenger folks. :rolleyes: People that are interested in...
  3. Fish and Coral
    never mind lol
  4. Sold / Expired
    Yeah....according to some of you.....about frickin' time. Pictures of the Mother Colony is located on Post#8 at this link. Scroll down. I've decided to frag my mother colony. I've already given some pieces to close friends and...
  5. Marine Photography
    I thought I'd start this...unless I missed something (which is entirely possible). Looking forward to seeing other specimens from our members. Some have seen my Display in the past. These are my most recent acquisitions/additions: Neon Yellow Hammer Coral - The colony was originally receding...
  6. General Marketplace Discussion
    Thanks to those that purchased the corals/frags that I had recently posted. As a result; I had some $ and made room and for a colony of Aussie Gold Torch Coral from Reef Raft. This colony has multiple branching heads and each head is fleshy and puffy. So much eye candy at RR...... Pics were...
  7. Sold / Expired
    Got a bunch of frags avail for sale. Pickup is near College and Dufferin area. Tonga yellow tipped torch (under LED, has a hologramish rim around the tip) 1head frag $15 2head frag $25 3head frag $30 Green acan colony, many shades of green GONE Purple polyp with green base stylopria frag...
1-7 of 7 Results