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  1. Fish and Coral
    Made a bunch of packs from mushrooms in my collection. Plutonium bounce sold separately. Mix of Yumas, Rhicordia, Rhodactis and discos in each pack(4 or 5) from $100-$150 each pack. Message for details or more pics
  2. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi, I have the following frags available for sale: Forest Fire Digi (2" frags) - $15 each Pink Yuma (2.5" wide) - $30 Miyagi Tort (3" frag) - Sold Flame Thrower Chalice (2.5" frag) - Sold Pick up in Ajax.
  3. Saltwater Livestock
    Hi, I have a couple of pink ric yuma frags for sale. Pictures attached in sequence as listed below: 1- Smaller one is about 0.5 to 1 inch in diameter for $15. 3- I've also attached a picture of the colony where the frags came from. Please PM me if interested. Update: only smaller ones left...
  4. General Marketplace Discussion
    So......apparently Daniel's back from gallivanting across The Asia Pacific. He brought back some very nice pieces early this morning. :cool: Worthy notes: HUGE - Emphasis on HUGE Ricordia Yumas. Have a look at the enclosed pictures. Notice they are the size of my PALM. There are interesting...
  5. Sold / Expired
    Coral Mushrooms that is..... Please see attached pics. These mushrooms aren't cheap; but they aren't expensive either - in relative terms. I encourage you to shop around and ask around. It's getting harder to sell things in my display since almost everything is a 'keeper' now (in my opinion)...
  6. Toms Fish Inc.
    Lots of variations including dicosoma, rhodactis and neon orange Yuma ricoredia. Pics to follow soon. Price range from $5 to $20. Single to multiple sizes and heads. Mounted or loose. Pickup at Kennedy and sheppard or bur oak and mccowan.
1-6 of 6 Results