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Looking to sell or trade my 125 gallon freshwater planted full setup. Consists of standard 125 gallon tank, homemade wooden stand, approx 40 gallon sump, all plumbing, centre overflow, glass lids, lights, all plants, livestock, etc.

Lights are 2 36" Finnex Planted+ 24/7 remote programmable.

Livestock includes a group of Cories, group of Oto Catfish, some Orange Swordtails, a few fancy Guppies, a few Amano Shrimp, ton of mixed snails, mostly MTS, pair of Angels, single Apisto, single Bolivian Ram, Clown Pleco, Red Bristlenose Pleco and a huge mixed group of Rainbowfish. At least 30 or more Rainbows. Boesemani, Goyder River, Parkonsini, Australian, Irian Red, Millenium Albino, Turquoise, Kamaka, and might be another.

2 huge planted pieces of driftwood, all plants, mostly easy including Vals, Crypts, Ferns, Bolbitis, Amazon Frogbit, Java Moss, Lotus, etc.

Sump is full of bio media, sponges, Sicce return pump, fuge section with light and Hornwort/Guppy Grass, etc.

Lots of foods, plant fertilizers, chemicals, test kit, etc.

Looking to get $750 for everything. Not parting anything out.

Also would trade for a full setup nano type saltwater reef tank, with livestock and everything. Fluval Evo, or something under 40 gallons. Will take a hit financially for the right trade.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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