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Thought I might start by sharing my system, and added arrows to show the flow of water. I've slowly added to it over the years, and most recently doing a form of a perpetual, slow water change. It's not aquaponics since I still have soil types in the system, usually cocopeat, and sometimes topped with other soils.

I've moved the electrical since the photo and replaced it with a 36 watt uv filter. I also have a large amount of moss in the plant tray which aids in filtration.

My favorite fish are geophagus and clown loaches, though due to an illness that swept through the tank, I don't have any at the moment. I didn't quarantine a new fish long enough, but I might also steer clear of chain stores in the future. I tried kijiji and got replies from scam artists so I will eventually hit up the vendors or group buy area.

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