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Hi Everyone,

I got 3, what i believe to be, Comet and a Fancy Goldfishes up for sale/trade
I have no price or trade item in mind, so just PM me an offer and we'll talk

I love these guys, but i want to move into more tropical fish types and can't do it with my goldies

the two big goldfish (comets? 3-4" in length) are about 3.5 years old now
They both appear to be female

the other small goldfish (fancy? 1-2" in length) is only about 1 year

I also have 2 dojo loaches, but they can live with higher temperature waters/tropics (as far as i know) so i plan on keeping them for now.

EDIT: I would like to have a period without fish in order to do a proper tank reset, so i unfortunately will not accept other fish as trades
but maybe in the future once im done my setup!!

I am in Woodbridge/Vaughan


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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