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Clownfish 2" Small guy but I've had him for a year in a much bigger tank. He had troubles feeding but he's gotten around .5" bigger since I moved him into the 20g. I'm starting a move in a month and I just want to find him a good home. $25 OBO

Conch snail, bought him for $40, looking for $25. Really cool snail OBO

Livesand, around like 5lbs? $5

LR around 10lbs. looking for $40.

Eheim heater rated for 30g? Bought it 2 months ago for $45 new, looking for $30

Some cheap amazon $15 wavemaker, will throw it in if you buy anything. By itself $5. Works great.

Fluval submersible filter rated for 29g, selling for $30.

Packs of Brine shrimp x3 $5 a pop.

If you want the whole setup I'll give it to you for 120.

Also selling Current USA Reef lights 6FT, bought in 2017 for $400 I believe. Trying to get 250 OBO.
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