- 240 gallon Miracles aquarium (included)
- glass alone worth >$4000
- 3/4" starphire glass, eurobraced
- synergy reef overflow, reef ready!

- Pro custom stand (included)
- 2 inch structural tubing, no rust
- powder coated thick white (industrial)
- park a dump truck on it :)

- Solid maple canopy with rolltop lid (included)
- matching skirt with pro cabinetry
- compartments on sides
(hang Apex/electronics/drivers/etc.)

- All of the structural equipment to place it on the main floor of your home. (included)

If you're interested, You can pickup the rest of the things you need to get up/running at a huge discount:

- Miracles custom sump/refugium/ato
- 1/2" laser cut glass
- super compact
- perfect fit under stand, like lego

  • Apex, pretty well fully-equipped
  • 2x Apex DOS
  • Vertex Alpha 250/Omega 180 skimmers
  • return pump (Iwaki/Panworld)
  • Tunze Osmolator ATO
  • Like new BRS 150gal/day RO filter
  • Reeflink & 3x Ecotech Radion G3Pros
  • 2-3x Ecotech MP40 QD
  • 200lbs liverock (big pillars/pieces)
  • 54w UV sterilizer
  • test equipment (all the good stuff)
  • saltwater mixing station, salt

In her former Glory: