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Selling my 29g biocube with black stand. Cube is rimless but does have a cover for it if you choose to use it. Comes with an LED light. Return pump is a maxijet 1200. Has the hydro flow rotator and a 425gph powerhead. Has live rock in the tank plus small pieces in the refugium compartment. Has another compartment with 3 slots for media. Has a bag of chemipure elite in it that is a month old. Also includes a thermometer and skimmer. Sand as substrate and some zoanthids, hammer coral, dendrophillia fistula and halloween screamer chalice. Has a bunch of snails, 5 nassarius in the sand and a few Astraea snails, strawberry dottyback fish, pink tip anemone, peppermint shrimp and cleaner shrimp. will also include any other extras I may have lying around and didnt list.
will also include a BRS 4-stage Value Plus RO/DI unit w/ built in TDS meter. unit is 6-7 months old and in excellent condition, just needs its filters replaced. (brand new $170 USD plus $40 shipping and custom charges extra).

link to the 18" LED Light:

Asking $450 or best offer

text me at 519-318-6564 for a faster reply

Will consider trading for an fx5 or fx6 plus cash.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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