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This is the dimension of my aquarium that is currently running:
Dimensions: 30"W x 12"D x 22"H; 37 Gallon

Originally it had a center brace but it broke and I removed as much as possible of it.

I have been using this tank like that with out a center brace for 6 months without any issues.

The glass itself is probably 9/10 and the silicone probably 8/10

Pick up is in Vaughan/Woodbridge

The tank at this point is free... I need it out of my house and would prefer someone uses it then me throwing it out.

If you want to bring me a coffee, frag, or anything for it then awesome...

If not no worries as I just want it out.

Thanks PM ME with your number to make arrangements... I will not hold this tank for anyone first come first serve.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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