Have a 40 gallon breeder tank setup for sale comes with metal stand rena filstar xp3 with media and extra carbon insert glass lids and two zoomed led lights one is 36 inches the other one is 18 inches the bigger light the 4 bulbs on the right dont work on daylight setting but the other 12 lights work fine on it and in the 18 inch one the blue setting flickers not sure why i never used it but both lights are bright on the tank. Tank and stand are in great condition no major scratches took good care of it. Digital thermometer included with regular one. Aquaclear 20 powerhead included and 3 packs of brine shrimp eggs. Has eggcrate for bottom of tank and pink Styrofoam for under the tank if wanted.

Have another rena xp3 cannister filter but no hoses just the cannister itself I'll toss in for free then u have a Backup to use.

300$ pick up in georgetown