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NEW PRICE 40gl breeder, stand, substrate & hinged lid -

I decommissioned the 40 gl breeder tank that was home to my Black Ghost Knife for over two years. He needed a longer tank. As a result I have the following items for sale:
  • 40 gl breeder tank
  • stand for 40 gl tank
  • 75 lbs combination substrate
  • glass hinged cover
The new bundle price is $75. You have to take it all for that price. Everything is "as is". Meaning I have not emptied the substrate or cleaned the tank.
Dimensions: Tank - 36 x 18 x 14, THE TANK IS 14" DEEP- NOT 12" AS PREVIOUSLY POSTED. Seems I should wear my glasses when using a tape measure. Big "Thanks" to the people who caught my mistake.
Dimensions:Stand - 36 x 21 x 30
Combination substrate consists of 40lbs. Carib-Sea Peace River size 1.0-2mm and 14 kg Flourite Dark.

Please bring your own bucket(s) for the substrate.
Sorry - No delivery available.

Still trying to get my camera to work. Still haven't cleaned it out yet.

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Bad me

Seems I goofed when I measured the depth. It is 14" deep not 12". Apparently that equals 39.27 US gallons or 148.66 liters. Thanks for catching my mistake.
Hi skyedale,

I think there is a discrepancy. If you want to double check and revise your ad.

Dimensions 36x18x12 is a 30G breeder
Dimensions 36x18x16 is a 40G breeder

In case those that are interested. Good luck with the sale.

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