Unfortunately life has taken over my ability to continue in the hobby and it's time to sell it all. This is long overdue, as my tank has been in complete disarray for quite some time.

As of right now, I am trying to sell the whole set up, plants, fish, tank and all. If I don't get any real interest over the next few weeks, I will consider selling things piece by piece, though this becomes tricky as there are plants/fish in the tank at the moment.

55 gallon (aqueon??) tank - 48" x 12" x 18"
standard metal stand (can fit two of these tanks on top/bottom)
fluval 307 cannister filter
5lbs co2 tank (pretty low at the moment) + co2 regulator (made for aquarium use). This co2 tank is from Toronto Brewing and can be exchanged for $30 for a full one, or can be refilled at anywhere that refills standard co2 tanks.
2 x underwater heaters
fluval 48" plant LED (not the current generation.. it's about 4 years old and water proof.. can't for the life of me remember the branding)
small silent air pump
submersible power head for water circulation

I also have various other stuff, siphons, submersible pump for filling, test kits, some fertilizer, food, etc etc...

An odd array of fish;
2x yellow bristlenose pleco's (approx 6 years old)
1x mystery "algae eater" (he eats just about anything though..7+ years old I believe)
3x zebra loaches (3-5 years old)

I moved last September and I lost quite a few small fish on that move, so I've got random numbers of small fish, including
2x ember tetras
I think I have 4 pearl danios left
quite of few random guppies

Probably 4-7 anubias (regular and mini)
one large java fern
hundreds of crypts (two different kinds)
several amazon swords (though they aren't doing so hot)
I believe I still have quite of few tiger lotus bulbs/plants in there as well, but they are also not doing so hot

I also have a large piece of driftwood, and two small pieces
sever pounds of dragon stone

This tank has really been on auto pilot for quite some time and I can just feed the fish once in awhile and top up the water and it does fine, however because I barely do any upkeep, it does not look pretty. It is a dirted tank that has also various things mixed into the substrate. If you wanted the substrate, you're more than welcome to take it, as it has an excellent bacterial colony and really helps maintain the ecosystem, but, as I learned in my move, it is incredible hard to take out/move and it is also disgusting... lol.

I am selling it simply because I don't have the time or energy and it's depressing to look at. I also need the space.

I can (potentially) help with transportation.

As I mentioned at the top of the ad, I would like to sell it all together, simply because I can't sell any of the individual parts until the fish/plants are gone.

Everything is super fish tank dirty right now, but I will do my best to clean everything before sending it off.

Also, to any potential buyers, it is an absolute ordeal to take this down/clean it/pack it etc, so if you do want to buy it, it will take at least a weekend to get everything ready.

Feel free to shoot me any questions!

I will also be posting a separate ad selling some ADA rock and something similar to Seryu(is that what it's called??) rock in a separate posting.