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Eats plants too
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I've had this guy for a year and a half, since he (I think it's a male but I'm not 100% sure) was the size of a quarter. He's a healthy and inquisitive fish but I want to take my tank in a different direction.

He likes dim light and is most active at dusk but sometimes comes out during the day to check things out. He is peaceful with tankmates that don't fit in his mouth and is actually somewhat shy. (Aggressive fish such as medium or large cichlids would beat him up). He likes to hide in driftwood. He also hates the autofocus light on any camera so the pictures I have of him aren't great. He is eating pelleted foods (NorthFin tropical sticks, NorthFin bug bites, Omega One shrimp pellets) and also appreciates bits of cooked shrimp. He's not the fastest at realizing that food is in the tank, though, so if there are fast eaters in the same tank, take extra care to make sure that there is some food left over for him.

Ideal water conditions: soft, acidic, tannic. Minimum tank size: 45 gallons. Tank must have lots of plants and/or caves and medium to low light.

$15 or make me an offer.

Pick-up only in East York (Danforth).
Plant Wood Branch Botany Trunk
Plant Water Insect Grass Twig
Sky Leaf Branch Wood Twig
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