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79gal planted tank for sale,reduced price

Getting out fresh water, complete set up (everything from AI for year and half) which include all follows
-79 gal starfire glass tank 120x50x50cm $200 sold!
-AI tank stand $120. Sold!
-Odyssea 48"(120cm) T5HO 4x54w with bulbs $90
-E-jet 3388 filter,in and out glass pipes,skimmer $80. Sold!
-DC CO2 regulator with solenoid valve, diffuser,checker and solution $80 sold!
-10 LB co2 cylinder(refilled 3 weeks ago) $90 sold!
-Jäger 300w heater $20 sold!
-OHKO stone(40 LB) $30 sold!
-Pro scissors(wave,curve and straight) $25, Tweezers(curve and straight) $10 sold!
-fresh water master test kit $15
Rummynose tetra, neon tetra, harlequin rasbora, and amano shrimp for $2each
Assassin snail $2 each
Red cherry shrimp $1 each
Huge amount hc Cuba, rotala green, ludwiga, mic umbrosum and blyxa japonica for sale too.
all live stock and plants are sold!!!!
Please pm or text 416 562 3289


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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