I purchased this Kei stone a number of years ago from the ADA supplier in Vancouver. I had planned on importing the stones and other ADA supplies to Toronto to sell here, but then life happened and plans changed. It has been sitting in a box ever since, never used in any fish tanks. It cost me $310 to get it here about 6 years ago.

Price is $4/lbs or take the whole lot for $150

Pick up near Bathurst/Queens Quay. You can take a look at the stones and choose which ones you want, and we can scale it out together.

I also have a small amount of Dragon Stone (used in a 55g for about 5 years) $2/lbs
as well as some probably fake Seiryu Stone (used for a few months, looks very similar, but not likely from Japan) $3/lbs
various other used rocks - price TBD...