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Hello everyone!

Since starting this adventure I've been interested in getting an anemone. That was my goal when I set out to set up this reef tank.

My clowns came from a tank which they were hosting a BTA. They seem lost in my tank and after a couple months still seem shy and not as active as I thought. My male is more active and tried to befriend the frogspawn but keeps getting stung. Now it's a torch and she won't let him either. The female is content hosting a corner and honestly it's sad to see a fish bobbing in a corner. Only coming out when food is around.

I have read a lot on the topic of BTA and PM'd a few members asking advice and picking there brains. I have saved a few good reliable websites and feel fairly confident in the keeping a nem happy part.

I am concerned about the nem moving about and getting into trouble. I have a Red Sea max 130 and the overflow is a weir gate that sits flush on the back wall and goes through the filter, skimmer and gets expelled out of two nozzles on the opposite side and cycle continues.

I am worried that the nem will cover up the gate when moving around and restrict water from entering the overflow. Than the two return pumps would fill the display tank and eventually run dry while water spills over the sides if my tank.

That's my main concern. My Lighting seems adequate and if need be I can trade or sell some coral to make room for a nem. My power head has really small slits in it so I'm a not worried about the nem getting chopped up.

So how often do these critters go on the move? How fast are they? And will they quickly outgrow my 34 gallon tank?

I'm looking to hear real life info from local members.

Thanks :)

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IIRC, RSM130s have 6x24wT5HOs...that's plenty of light for RBTAs.

I wouldn't worry about blocking the weir to cause a covers 1/2 of the weir length. That would be one monster sized RBTA ;)
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