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Attention New Members!

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Hello and let me just thank you for joining!

Please feel free to start a new thread to introduce yourself, let us know what your keeping, your interests and how you got sucked into this lovely hobby :)

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, just make sure to post them in the correct catagories. If you have any worries at all you can definatly Pm me or any of the other moderators.
I am very friendly! I wont bite! ^^

Thank you again from the GTAaquaria staff for joining our lovely community. Hope to see more of you in the forums! :D
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Thanks :)


Thank you for approving me :D

I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing our common interest.
New to this

Im new, just joined and hoping to learn more about this hobby. I currently upgraded to a 20 gallon planted tank from a 10 gallon as it was getting crowded with my 2 siamies flying foxes, neon tetras and cherry bards. I wanted to know how to post pics of my tank so can get some advice. I am a bigger at this hobby and enjoying it so far! :)
Posting pics

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone use google photos to post pics? I have a photobucket account but it's glitchy. What's the easiest way to snap a pic with your phone and post it?
You can upload photos so they appear in your post. They can be from images stored on almost anything, like a smart phone, your computer or a disc, external drive, etc., & even from an URL.

When you want to add an image or some other acceptable file to your post, first you start a thread or reply to a post. You can type some text if you wish but it's not necessary. In the message window, you see two buttons at the bottom. 'Post Quick Reply' & 'Go Advanced'. Click 'Go Advanced'.

You may have to scroll down a bit, but on the left side you should see a box title saying 'Additional Options'. There are several items here but you're looking for 'Attach Files'. Under that, click 'Manage Attachments'. A Manage Attachments window will pop open.

The first thing you see is a list of buttons labeled 'Choose File'. Click one of them. That should take you to your computer where you can find the image you want. I'm strictly a Mac gal so once I've found and selected my image, I'll see buttons labeled Cancel and Choose. I click Choose for the image I want and I usually will have dropped that image on the desktop because it's so easy to find there. As well, below 'Choose File', you'll find 'Upload files from an URL'.

If you use an image from an URL, stick to those that are in the public domain or on Wikipedia or similar sites, to avoid problems with copyright infringement.

Files must use an accepted format in an acceptable size; there is a list of that information under 'Attachment Key', located underneath the 'Upload section.

When you choose your image, its file name will appear beside the 'Choose File' button you clicked. After the name appears, click the 'Upload' button in the lower right corner. When the upload is complete, your file name will appear in 'Current Attachments', which is just above the section labeled 'Attachment Key'.

When your post is all done and the image or images are uploaded, click the Submit Reply button. Your image should appear along with your text.
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Greetings everyone.

Nearly 60 yes old and slowly stepping back into fish after about 35 years.

Last tank was a 55gal Saltie.

I started with one of those little kid tanks couple of months ago was a six and a half gallon. I stocked it with some Neons some pygmy dwarf Cory catfish and I threw in a couple assassin snails because they look cute and I figured eventually my tank would have snails.

I recently purchased a 20 gallon long tank and I transferred the four Neons I had into that tank and plan to get 426 more.

The reason I haven't purchased a 55-gallon is because I'm trying to decide where it would go in my home. A 4ft tank takes up quite a bit of space and I'm trying to decide which chair sofa or television to get rid of. LOL

I'm here to learn and if I get really lucky share some information.

I'm going to stay with freshwater fish until I get another 55 because I think those Neons are really cute.

I am located in Indiana.

Have a fantastic holiday season.
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Hello my name is Juan and I am pretty new to the hobby.
I want to learn more and get feedbacks from the experienced members of the community around me.
Thank you and I hope to learn from everyone.
Hello! My name is Clarke and I got into this hobby during COVID. I was pretty active within until I had a terrible accident involving paint fumes. Now I’m redoing my 90g tank and trying to level it up by experimenting with live plants.
I’m in midtown Toronto and always interested in seeing what people’s tank setups are!
Hello Community! My name is Toki, I've been keeping fish since childhood but never did that much stuff about it. Nowadays I wanna Learn more and get better at fishkeeping. I still have a lot to learn about maintaining plants.
I enjoy keeping low-tech low maintenance planted tanks.
I'm also an artist and I love drawing fish-keeping-related stuff (do you want a sketch of your favorite pet? Just poke me 👀).
I'm in East York and I am often on the look for trades or plant sales
Fish nerd 🐟 Plant nerd 🌿 Transformers nerd 🤖

My favorite tank right now 4 gallons or so. Cherry Shrimp and Guppies🦐
Please excuse me while I learn how to post on forums.
Have a Wonderful day!
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