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Al Junior loves hanging out with his friends and doing lots of fun activities. He's always looking for new friends to be part of his crew and he'd like to ask you! So he asked his dad, Big Al, to have a colouring party and you're all invited! Find the sunken treasure ship wreck in the colouring book and get creative!

Show us your art! Grab our Colouring Book and get creative! Take a picture and share your art with Al Junior and his friends and he may give you a prize!

The Contest & Prize

1. Colouring Contest: Print out the colouring book and flip it over to page 8/9 for a big sunken treasure scene adventure. Take a picture or scan your artwork to enter!

2. Titles Count: Tell us about your sunken treasure scene. Why did you pick those colours? Do your fish have names? We love to read your stories and get to know your little one's style.

3. All submitted artwork must be original and your little one's work.

4. You may post as many pieces of art as you wish.

Each month we'll be giving away a starter kit to a lucky tyke selected at random.

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