UPDATE: Price drop (but lowest I'm able to go) + new ADA thermometer that goes with this tank.

I purchased this ADA 90p a few years ago with the intention of setting it up in my basement. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to do anything with it, so it has sadly sat in my basement. I'm in the process of starting a side business and don't see any free time in my future for aquascaping, plus I need to clear some space! So I have decided, with a bit of reluctance, to sell this with a few bonus items.

The ADA 90p is 90x45x45cm, Starfire type glass. This is a brand new / never been used tank. It comes with the ADA booklet and hangers for a lid. Given the premium price that ADAs sell for, as an incentive, I'm including the 90p Garden Mat; about 40lbs of real, never used, ADA Kei Stone that I ordered from The Green Machine; ADA thermometer, and a bag of Aquasoil (Normal type).

Retail for all of this is $1220-1268 cad, not including taxes and shipping (break down: $950-$998 cad for the 90p, $60 cad for the Garden mat, $150 cad for the Kei stone, and $60 cad 9L Aquasoil Amazonia.)

I'm selling this for: $950 cad $850 cad (lowest I'm able to go)

So, you'll be getting ~$370 of free stuff plus saving another ~$120 cad taxes (just on the tank).

I'm willing to meet up half-way pretty much anywhere in the GTA or Durham area. I can provide more pics if necessary.