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Just hear this on the radio and I was like dot dot dot....W...T...F...F is with people now a days. I mean this could be you, me, or anyone I know with a car stuck. This really, -REALLY- peeves me. On one hand the guy got help and the car was freed but only to be robbed after. I'm sorry if I seem cold at times to some people out there on rides but it really makes me think of having an extra drink or bus fare to offer as a thank you token then offering a ride at times. Grrr it would be so justice if the guy that stole the car whrecked and wrapped around a pole but still alive and survives to feel what they did. Grrr..

A Queens teenager fell victim Saturday to a very bad Samaritan who hijacked his car - after first graciously helping to dig it out.

Genero Placenia, 18, approached his snowed-in 19-year-old victim as the teen struggled to free his car on 75th Street in Ozone Park, authorities said.

Placenia volunteered his services, pushing the vehicle from behind as the grateful victim, whose name is being withheld, hit the gas from the driver's seat, police said.

Once the car was freed, Placenia allegedly asked the victim for a ride to a location in East New York. No ingrate, the teen agreed.

But when they got to Brooklyn, Placenia suddenly pulled a gun on the victim, kicked him out of the car and drove off, police said.

He also took the stunned teen's iPhone 5 and $60, officials said.

"Definitely makes me think twice about people trying to lend a helping hand, and that's sad, especially this time of year, around the holidays," said a neighbor on 75th Street.

"Can't even trust someone offering to help."

Placenia ditched the green Honda Civic on Atlantic Avenue and Logan Street, according to a source.

He then allegedly dumped his gun on Logan Street and Dinsmore Place.

Cops searching for surveillance video found Placenia, who was wearing army camouflage pants and a red shirt with black and white cows during the heist, hiding out in an East New York laundromat on Chestnut Street, sources said.

He had taken off his wet sneakers and put down the victim's cell phone, sources said.

When he saw the police, he left the items behind and ran off barefoot despite the freezing weather.

He slid away sockless by escaping through the dark backyards of homes in the area, then briefly hid in an autobody shop.

After a four-hour manhunt that included dogs from the K-9 unit, aviation, and detectives, Placenia was finally found again in the basement of a building on Chestnut Street about 7:30 p.m.- only wearing his pants.

Cops charged him with several offenses, including robbery and possession of a weapon.

A source said he had 10 prior busts, including five arrests for robbery, on his rap sheet.
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