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I have a number of cichlids I am looking to sell from my aquarium. All fish are healthy and breeding on a regular basis in my fish tank with regular tap water. Currently raising fry on site as well. Some of the females are actually currently holding. (Fry can be for sale too, just ask) Pictures of actual fish for sale.

- Labidochromis caeruleus (electric yellow lab)
- Sciaenochromis fryeri (electric blue hap)

Home made African cichlid fish food - $5 to 10 worth (Vitamin and Spirulina enriched)

4 inch - Blue hap male (one dominant male) - $15
3.5 inch - Blue hap female (one available) - $12
3 to 3.5 inches - Blue hap (2 available, sex unknown) $10 each

Or take all four of my Blue haps for $40 (save $7)

I also have three yellow labs left for $25

All of those fish are living together, and if you bought all seven fish for $55, I would throw in a free peacock cichlid and a batch of my home made frozen cichlid food, which these guys have grown up on (I raised all the haps from fry) also any left over store bought cichlid pellets.


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