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Sunday, July 8th (tomorrow) at 2:30-3:00pm I'm picking up my buddy's mom's unwanted yet healthy saltwater fish in North Richmond Hill (29 gallon cube tear-down). One is a Nemo fish (clown fish), but he doesn't know what the other one is (probably something nice...maybe the Dory idea) and there's a significantly sized snail (I think). I'm sorry the details are so blurry, but I think for anyone wanting to add a clown fish $15 firm for this trio is a great price considering they were probably purchased for $65-75 + HST...

I'll delivery these 2 fish (+ 1 snail) around 3pm to anywhere between Richmond Hill & Newmarket (preferably Aurora). $15 for all 3 critters.

If you're not from these areas please do not respond because I cannot help you (wouldn't want anything happen to the fish waiting for someone from far away to come only to be stood up). Please respond by 1pm Sunday July 8 or else they're going directly to a pet shop, where you can purchase them for full price. :)


P.S. If anyone can recommend a pet shop that gives good store credit, please let me know in case no one responds.
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