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Complete setups - 9G Eheim Aquastyle nano, 72G bowfront

Hi all - had a flood in my condo and most of my floors need to be replaced (aquariums were not affected). Pains me to sell but need make some room for the construction. Message me if any questions - happy to chat via msg or phone.

9G Eheim aquastyle - full setup Price dropped to $90[SOLD]
  • 9 gallon curved glass tank with lid
  • Eheim internal filter (with prefilter sponge and Eheim bio-media)
  • Eheim LED light (works great for plants)
  • 1 large anubia plant on driftwood (very happy with the way this plant has grown out)
  • 5 marimo moss balls
  • 2 golf ball size clumps of java moss
  • silica sand substrate
  • livestock: pencilfish (8), pigmy cories (6)
Tank is in mint condition. First three items above come with the tank; everything else I added / bought myself. Anubia with driftwood alone was $40. Marimo moss balls were about $8 each. Have had many nano tank set ups / kits from other manufacturers, and IME, this Eheim kit has been by far the best quality set-up (best filter, LED lighting, etc.). For more info:

72G bowfront tank with sump - full setup (can be used for salt or freshwater) $425 OBO ON HOLD
  • aquarium bowfront - 48" wide
  • LED strip light - Marineland 48-60"
  • 250W Fluval heater
  • 20 gallon sump with bioballs and 3 layers of Poret foam (2" thick each)
  • QuietOne 3000 water pump (for sump)
  • Fusion 700 air pump
  • Matching black stand (some paint coming off on the back)
I had it professionally re-siliconed / reinforced in the front (with additional glass strips on the front, bottom joint). Used it to house my discus (selling discus as well - check my other post). :(

3G Marineland Eclipse - full setup [SOLD]
  • aquarium with integrated filter (bio-wheel)
  • plants - java moss (tennis ball size) and crypt
  • silica sand substrate
  • Hydor 15W mini aquarium heater (brand new in box)
  • Extra full spectrum bulb (brand new in box)

2.5G tank with filter and heater [SOLD]
  • tank with miscellaneous decoration
  • Red Sea Deco Art nano filter (HOB); lid is cracked but still works well
  • Hydor mini aquarium heater

Tanks have been cleaned up and are in great shape. Have more stuff for sale but will post later.


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