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For sale is a coralife lunar aqualight with led moonlight
48 inches
260 watts

$80obo or will consider partial trade for coral

Unfortunately bulbs dont work and need to be replaced
Fans and moonlights work perfectly
No feet included

# pics later tonight #

Txt 6477868490 if interested


* Compact fluorescent aquarium light fixture boasts more features you control
* Position directional Lunar Blue LEDs to highlight specific areas
* Separate cords for total timer-control of aquarium illumination
CoralifeBe in control of your aquarium lighting needs with this higher intensity compact fluorescent aquarium light fixture. The re-designed Compact Fluorescent Lunar Aqualight with directional LEDs lets you automate all lighting functions for custom 24 hour lighting. Three separate power cords allow independent timer control of included 10,000K, Actinic and LED lamps. Position LEDs over specific areas in your tank for shimmering moonlight effects that add nighttime drama.

Coralife Compact Fluorescent Lunar Aqualight Aquarium Light Fixture features a built-in cooling fan to provide powerful heat management. Sleek, space-saving fixture boasts powder-coated aluminum housing and acrylic splash guard. Aqualight fixture comes with a two-piece adjustable leg set, which measures 6" x 2-1/4" high. Aquarium light fixture is for use over covered aquariums only.

Included 10,000°K Daylight lamp casts sparkling bright white rays and provides high lumen output to simulate the midday tropical sun. Included Actinic Blue light promotes photosynthesis in corals and live plants while enhancing the beauty and vibrant colors of aquarium inhabitants. Straight pin configuration.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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