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Selling a CPR CS100 overflow. I bought it from a member on here who said it was a CS50. When I received it through mail, it was actually a CS100 and far to big with way to much flow for my nano tank.

I have verified it does not leak, cleaned it up and replaced the little plastic nipple on the top for 1/4" tubing for the Toms Aqua Lifter pump to regain siphon if the power goes out. I have also added a piece of black 1/4" tubing so you do not see it discolour. The aqua lifter will siphon air out until it starts to draw water, at that time, it just dumps it back into the overflow. It has the mesh to eliminate any large debris going through the overflow.

Looking to get what I spent plus the parts I put on. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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