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First Tony Tan discus shipment has arrived at Aprils Aquarium Vancouver .
Phillipimes blue angels also arrived. Smokey, zebra, glitter scale. Also carrying the snakeskin gene.

For pricing and shipping please message or contact April
Http:// or
Thanks for looking!
A little about Aprils Aquarium . I have kept and sold high quality discus for 16 years.
Moderator on simplydiscus since day one and have been an active member of the discus community for 16 years . Always learning and sharing, helping with discus questions.
I am the Canadian distributor for
More unique angelfish arriving as well as f1 and f2 wild discus and wild angelfish.
Tony Tan discus have not been mixed with any other discus from other farms. he is a top breeder and. It a broker.
The discus are up and eating immediately out of the bags and not shy at all.
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