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Hi got some stuff for sale. Items are pickup only and I'm located near Dufferin Mall.

-2X spong filters with black airline attached (used)
$5 each or $7 both

-2X sponge prefilter (1used 1 new)

-Zoomed 501 canister filter SOLD

-"zebra rocks" SOLD

-CO2 proof airline

-DIY wooden stand for 48"x18" tanks

-API GH KH test kit (used ~10 times)

-API PH test kit (used ~10 times)

-3way air manifold SOLD

-Bag of dried indian almond leaf

-Driftwood with narrow leaf java fern and anubias plants SOLD

-Hikari 16oz frozen bloodworms (never opened)

Thank you for looking :D

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sweet! where are you located?


Dufferin & College St

Just two street away from my old job... and it's so far away from my house...


and if your planning to pick up the rocks, can you pick up something for me too? :D
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