I have the following fish for sale. All are fat and healthy and have been in my established tank for at least a year. No new additions to the tank in the past year.

  • 2 x large Yellow Tangs - big and fat and get along with each other - $300 each
  • Achilles Tang - I raised him from juvenile before he had his spot. Perfect specimen around 4". $OLD
  • White Tail Bristletooth Tang - Perfect specimen around 4" - $OLD
  • Starry Blenny - awesome fish, around 4" - $50
  • Bimaculatus Anthias - Male around 4" - $OLD
  • Breeding pair of Grade A Davinci Clownfish - lay eggs regularly - $250 for the pair

If you're interested in something, send me your number and I will send you a video of it.