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Hey guys, I was doing this research and thought it might be helpful to start a list of FISHES for biological pest and algae control. Consideration will also be given to the size of the tank. This is a FISH only list, so please do not add any inverts here thanks!

Fish>Pest/Algae it eats>Max Size>Min Tank Size>Reef Safe

Copperband Butterfly> Aiptasia Anemone> 8">125G>Mostly
Six Line Wrasse>Worms, Pest Snails>4" >20G>Yes
Neon Goby>Parasites > 2" >10G > Yes
Lawnmower Blenny>Hair Algae >5" > 20G >Yes
Yellow Coris > Flat worms, fireworms,etc>5">30-50G>Mostly
Yellow Tang > Hair algae > 8" > 50G+ > Yes
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