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So here are the detail for the Photo Contest:

Take your best pic of your FW or SW Setup.

It must be an up to date picture and your own... Not looked up on google or someone else tank.

It must show the whole set up not just a piece. Meaning a full tank shot.

Each member can submit one freshwater and one saltwater set up.

Please note that there are some fine print:

#1 - You must be able to pick up your prize from either Scarborough or the Mississauga location.

#2 - You must be willing to have your photo taken accepting the prize and have your photo posted on this forum. You give us permission/consent to do so.

#3 - You must like our page on facebook, post your pic both on this site and our facebook page, and you must share your post.

#4 - When you post your photo on our facebook page, please include your GTA Aquaria Handle/Username to the photo.

Photos must be submitted by September 19, 2014.

The freshwater and saltwater pick will then be posted on our forum and facebook page on September 22, 2014.

On September 29, 2014 the winner of the two will be selected.

Now for the good stuff the prizes.

First place between the best FW & SW tank will be a gift card of $200.00 which can used at Big Al's Scarborough or Mississauga location.

The runner up will receive a $50 gift card which can used at Big Al's Scarborough or Mississauga location.

If there are any questions please feel free to use PM. So start taking photos and posting them here and our Facebook page! Our facebook page link is in my signature Best Of Luck!

*** We will be picking the best freshwater and saltwater pics to ensure a fair outcome***

Please feel free to comment on each submission!
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