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Hello guys and gals I want myself some Mobas so I'm selling my colonies hehe. They're all healthy as you can see in the video :) IM in Scarborough. Pickup only.

Smaller ones are the F1 Mpimbwe and the larger ones are F1 Kigoma.

7 Mpimbwe juvies - $190
4 Kigoma - There's at least 2 females in there. These are the smallest ones from the group of 12 I bought a year back. $130


I know I have no feedbacks but I gotta start somewhere!!!

I feed them Dainichi pellets and Hikari bloodworms as a treat so they're pampered lol

MESSAGE ME FOR OFFERS! Interested in trades as well! I'm not in a hurry to sell them so NO LOW BALLERS!

Mobas - F1 or WC :) of course I'd pay extra lol

Here are pics (taken with flash):

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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