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Hey guys,

I have a whole bunch of black calvus, white calvus and yellow comp juvies (~2") that I raised from fry and they are growing a lot quicker than I had anticipated. I have no plans to upgrade to a larger tank or to add more tanks so I'm looking to sell about 30-40 of these fish to reduce crowding.

Please see video below for the actual fish in their tank (it's hard to get good pictures of them at this size, lol):

All fish are healthy, active and fed NLS. These are high quality fish as I carefully selected the parental pairs myself and I raised them from fry every step of the way :). No lockjaw, deformed spine, fin issues, parasites or any other problems often seen with Calvus in the community. These babies also have the added benefit of being acclimatized to our local water specs and they are not as sensitize to water/temperature changes as their WC parents.

The price is $10 per inch of fish. Prince can be negotiated if you buy more. Lowballers are ignored.

Pick-up near Square One Mississauga or I could deliver within Mississauga area for a small fee. Monday/Wednesday/Friday evenings and weekends work best for me.

Thanks for checking out this ad!

- Eric
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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