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Please Read terms Below for a response to PM's. I know rules say to combines like sale items but there is a lot of info in my ads to combine.....

Hi everyone, Time for me to start downsizing on my fish and to rebuild my fish-room sometime this summer. So up for sale are My breeding group of Lwanda Peacocks & the fry that i've been raising for the last few weeks. I've had a few people purchase my Juvies so people can vouch for me on the quality of these peacocks.

Preference WILL be given to someone who wants to purchase the breeding group and the fry together. so here is how this will work.. If you have interest in the fry which i know people do, then those emails i will keep for 2-3 weeks to see if someone will buy all and if not i will take the emails in order of receiving until they are gone.

The breeding group consists of 2 males. (1 from shelldweller (when he was in the hobby & you get to pick 1 male from 2 others I've raised to adult) 3 females (2 are raised from different female parents and another F1 purchased from Mike at Finatics.

Breeding group price = $220.00
the Extra male i will Sell for $35.00 once the group is sold.

Fry (1 inch tip to tip) will sell as a group for $80.00
Price will be $4.00 each, minimum Purchase is 5 fry = $20.00

Price for Group & fry will be $250.00

There has been a lot of interest in the adults and fry 2 months ago but i did not want to let them go and i didn't have enough to go around.

thanks everyone.....





( I WON'T RESPOND, if you didn't read what is below.) and please don't waste my time.
Serious emails only

NO lowballers, Price has been stated as is for now.
Preference given to People i have met before.
Send PM's if you have questions or are interested in buying fish.
PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO PEOPLE buying the breeding group and especially the breeding group and fry together.
Do not show up at my door and ask for deals, price is set before you come. Show up with the right amount of cash.
Do not bring others unless you ask me 1st, access will only be granted to you as i have a little baby and i hope you respect that.
Preferably if you could bring your own buckets as i don't have a lot of time to bag fish right now.
Well that should be it for now :)
My terms are subject to change without notice...,, everything is at my discretion.


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Because they are quite expensive for normal fish but if they are WC It would be understandable
These are not expensive. This is the going rate for top quality Lwanda peacocks which are arguably the nicest Malawi peacock. These are not the hydrid mbuna being sold around town for $2 or $3 each as fry.

Sheldon goes to great lengths to drive all over the GTA to get fish from different respectable breeders to keep his bloodlines strong.

Next time please PM the OP rather than crap on his thread.

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Paul,& rick, thanks for the defense and watching out for my thread. .. really appreciate that.. Some people truly need to understand pros and cons of wildcaught, versus good quality strains up as far as generation 8-10... but anyways.. that's not why i'm commenting back to get into that topic.

I think what the real Response here should be... Why can't people read?? It clearly states in My TERMS THAT if you have questions.. PM me....

Enough said
thanks guys... I might have buyers for the group, the fry and the extra male....
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