Full running system for sale. Everything is new or in mint condition.

The tank itself is a Red sea Reefer 425XL v3 in white. Redsea replaced the tank under warranty but I have never changed it over so the tank you will get is brand new and has never seen water! All equipment is in mint condition and has been well maintained. The existing tank has been running for around 1.5 years and is well established and ready to be loaded with coral. The total cost of everything was $14,392. Not included in that is several hundred dollars of PVC, valves and fittings for the custom plumbing. The package includes the following:

  • Redsea Reefer XL425 - white stand, brand new tank, custom plumbing and control panel
  • Clearview Acrylic Lid
  • Aquaticlife Hybrid T5 LED, white 36" with ATI bulbs
  • Ecotech Radion G5 XR15 Blue (x2)
  • Ecotech Vortech MP40 (x3) - mobius ready
  • Nyos Quantum 160 Skimmer
  • Apex Controller - New gen wifi
  • Neptune DOS
  • Neptune DDR
  • Apex Display
  • Apex MPR
  • Apex ATK
  • Apex WXM
  • Apex Flow sensor 1"
  • Lifegard 55W UV sterilizer
  • Clarisea SK5000 Gen2 Filter Roller
  • Ecotech Vectra M2 return pump
  • Ecotech Battery Backup
  • Innovative Marine 15 gallon ATO reservoir
  • Brightwell media (3 bricks 1 plate)
  • Maxxspect nano spheres (1kg)
  • Caribsea Liferock (4 x 20lb)

I am offering this first as a package. If you want the package less certain items, we can work something out. If you just want the tank, we can work something out. I will not deliver this. You will need two strong guys to move it.

Here is a link to my kijiji ad with photos: Redsea Reefer 425XL Complete Turn Key Reef Aquarium Package | Accessories | City of Toronto | Kijiji