Selling a GHL Doser 2.1 SA ,3fach,ws and a GHL 3 fan aquarium cooling system

The Doser sells new for $530 with tax and this one is in mint condition as it wasn't used for long it comes with the power adapter and everything is in perfect working order, there is no ph probe included as, as reef hobbyists know the probes need regular replacing. Probes cost between $30 to $80 to replace so not a big deal actually I'm not sure that it came with a probe or I bought separate now... anyway this doser hooks up to you internet and can be run with phone it has many features.

I am interested in trades for coral frags or colonies or clams shrimp, fish any livestock or partial trades cash and corals and I am asking $260 dollars or the value in corals

As for the cooling fan system I paid $230 with tax for it and it is in great condition and with a light cleaning will almost work and look new. This is a great system for cooling you reef aquarium since metal halides are a thing of the past due to leds, chillers are no longer needed in most cases as this system will do the job for a fraction of the price.

I am asking $115 or partial trades or trades for corals